If you’ve already found the home that you want to buy – congratulations! Call us now to get fully approved.If you’ve just started thinking about searching for your dream home, you could benefit hugely by starting the mortgage financing process early. Buyers who do this are in a better position than people who wait until they’ve found the home they want to buy. Why? Here are just a few reasons.

1. Sellers want proof that you’re serious. Before a seller accepts your offer, he or she wants to know you’ll make it to settlement without financial hiccups. The more documentation you’ve completed prior to putting in an offer on a home, the stronger your offer can be presented. That’s where we come in.We write you a compelling letter demonstrating to sellers that you have both buying power and a mortgage company behind you. We help you prove that your offer is a promise backed by our ability to lend you the funds required to complete your home purchase.

2. Sellers often have a timeframe. When sellers look at an offer, they’re considering more than the proposed sales price. They’re also evaluating whether or not you can complete the purchase within their required timeframe. You may beat out a competing buyer if you can get to settlement within a shorter time period.We have helped customers complete a home-buying transaction in as little as 14 days. If you complete your mortgage application with us and provide your recent paycheck stubs, W2s from the past two years, bank statements from the past 60 days and a few other pieces of documentation, you’ll be well on your way to a settlement without delay.

3. Your mortgage program matters. While it shouldn’t really matter whether you show up with a wheelbarrow full of gold, a conventional loan with 20% down or a mortgage program that requires no down payment, the reality is that sellers typically judge your buying power based on how much money you put down and what type of loan you have.We’ll help you decide which mortgage program is best for you in the long run, and we can also help you frame your offer with a down payment and loan type that looks best on paper when you are making your offer. This can potentially make the difference between seizing and missing an opportunity to get a house at your price point.